Surrogate Decision-Making Program

ReSync, as part of its community involvement initiative, has several certified and trained Surrogate Decision Makers (SDMs) and Surrogate Consent Committees (SCCs).

The Surrogate Decision-Making Program (SDMP) is a legislatively-mandated process authorizing actively involved family members known as Surrogate Decision Makers (SDMs) and Surrogate Consent Committees (SCCs) comprised of trained volunteers to provide written informed consent for individuals receiving community-based ICF/IID services who have been assessed to lack the capacity to make certain treatment decisions for themselves and have no legal guardian.

The following treatment decisions are authorized under the SDMP:

  • Major medical treatment;
  • Major dental treatment;
  • Administration of psychoactive medication;
  • Use of a highly restrictive behavior procedure;
  • Release of records and other information relevant to the treatment or condition necessary to facilitate the process of obtaining consent for treatment; and
  • Consent decisions which the interdisciplinary team (IDT) agrees involve risk to individual protection and rights which are not specially reserved to a SDM or SCC.

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Visit the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services website for more information about the process.

surrogate decision-making program