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Long-Term Care Ombudsman

As part of our community involvement initiative, ReSync has certified and trained long-term Care ombudsmen. Ombudsman" essentially means "being an advocate for residents."

Our long-term care (LTC) ombudsmen listens to and addresses the concerns of nursing home and assisted living facility residents. Issues can range from the food service to problems with therapy. Ombudsmen help elders by allowing them to voice their concerns. At all times, residents decide on the ombudsman's level of involvement. They can be counted on to respect residents' privacy and confidentiality.

LTC ombudsmen also represent residents' interests by speaking out to government agencies and legislators for increased consumer protections in state and federal laws and regulations.

Ombudsmen can be volunteers who have been specially trained to help residents solve problems or they can be paid staff of a local ombudsman program. Each nursing home or assisted living facility has a volunteer or paid ombudsman available to residents.

Some of the ways in which LTC ombudsmen serve residents include:

  • Telling residents about their rights
  • Empowering and supporting residents and their families to discuss concerns with facility staff
  • Identifying gaps in facility, government or community services and trying to help fix those gaps
  • Protecting resident health, safety, welfare and rights
  • Providing information about and help with finding long-term care
  • Receiving and investigating complaints

Visit the Texas DADS website for more information:

long-term care ombudsman