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Family Mediation

​ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC is certified as a family mediation firm. We mediate pre- and post-judgment divorce matters as well as domestic partner dissolutions.  We help divorcing spouses or dissolving partners resolve disputes over parental timesharing (what used to be known as “child custody”), equitable distribution of joint property and debts, arrangement for alimony, child support, or other support obligations, and any other matters the parties wish to address. 

In the mediation process, you, the parties, are empowered to make these important decisions - decisions which will literally affect the rest of your lives, rather than having a judge, who may know nothing about what matters to you, make such decisions. If attorneys do not represent you and your spouse/partner because you are trying to limit the expense of your divorce or dissolution, pro se mediation – i.e., divorce mediation without lawyers – may be the option for you.  ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC also mediates pro se divorces. 

Please note, if you reach an agreement at mediation, ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC recommends you still consult an attorney about the terms of the agreement before signing; many attorneys are willing to consult with you, without you having to retain them to represent you in court.  Once you’ve signed a mediated marital settlement agreement, ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC can also help you prepare the court-approved documents required to file an uncontested divorce for an additional fee.

Family conflicts can be emotional and upsetting. And sometimes, it takes an outside party to come in and help facilitate a resolution. If you’re in need of family mediation services in Texas, turn to ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC for assistance.