Commercial, Business, Contract and Collection Disputes

Business matters can be complex, and sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help conflicted parties reach a resolution. ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC has substantial experience mediating or arbitrating disputes involving breach of contract and warranty claims, commercial loans and collections, and dissolution of partnerships, LLCs and closely-held corporations. ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, one of America’s leading dispute resolution firms since 1998, has conducted more than 8,000 mediations, with a success rate of 89%. ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC has the capability of greatly reducing the cost of conflict in your business.

Workplace Conflict

Do conflicts in your company create a negative atmosphere that discourages cooperation and teamwork? Do inter- or intra-departmental disputes rob your business of productivity and profits? Have you experienced the time and financial drain of employee grievances? The cost of litigating wrongful dismissal cases? It is estimated that managers spend 30% to 40% of each day dealing with conflict among employees, managers, departments and even other companies. How much is conflict costing you? Many companies have discovered that no matter how well trained, competent and caring their Human Resources professionals are, they still are viewed by employees as “on the side” of management when they attempt to resolve disputes.

A recent survey of federal government agencies revealed that employees have little trust even in “trans-agency” mediators. But they have much higher trust — as high as 85% — in outside mediators who are perceived as truly neutral and independent. In the private sector, similar sentiment prevails in the workforce.

Here to Help

At ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, our goal is to help people put conflict behind them and avoid the long, costly, drawn-out legal battles so many would prefer to avoid. But our commercial mediation services are designed to save you more than time and money. By working with us, you may be able to reduce your stress load and benefit from a more creative solution to the issue at hand. Plus, when you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Our full attention
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Reasonable rates

Let us help you move forward from your current dispute. Call now for more information about our commercial mediation services.​

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