eeoc mediation

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EEOC's Mediation Process

ReSync Dispute Resolution Services, LLC mediates EEOC cases throughout the entire West Coast of the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and American Samaoa. Shortly after an EEOC charge is filed and upon the request of the EEOC, ReSync may contact both the employee and employer to ask if they are interested in participating in mediation. The decision to mediate is completely voluntary. If either party turns down mediation, the charge will be forwarded to an investigator. If both parties agree to mediate, we will schedule a mediation, which will be conducted by a trained and experienced mediator. If the parties do not reach an agreement at the mediation, the charge will be investigated like any other charge. A written signed agreement reached during mediation is enforceable in court just like any other contract.

Duration and Cost of Mediation

A mediation session usually lasts from 3 to 4 hours, although the time can vary depending on how complicated the case is. There is no charge to either party to attend the mediation.

Who Should Attend the Mediation?

All parties to the charge should attend the mediation session. If you are representing the employer, you should be familiar with the facts of the charge and have the authority to settle the charge on behalf of the employer. Although you don’t have to bring an attorney with you to the mediation, either party may choose to do so. The mediator will decide what role the attorney will play during the mediation.

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