Child Protection Mediation

Child Protection Mediation (CPM) is a collaborative problem solving process involving an impartial and neutral person who facilitates constructive negotiation and communication among parents, lawyers, child protection professionals, and possibly others in an effort to reach a consensus regarding how to resolve issues of concern when children are alleged to be abused, neglected or abandoned. The child’s voice in the decision-making process is essential and is typically presented either directly by the child or by other means, such as by an advocate for the child.

CPM encourages constructive communication and information sharing and fosters an environment where genuine engagement and agreement is possible. As a consensual decision-making process, no agreement can be reached unless all the involved parties agree. In addition to reaching important decisions regarding children and families, ReSync can help you achieve a greater sense of teamwork and a greater understanding and ownership of resulting agreements by all involved in the CPM process.

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child protection mediation